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Nano Thermic NT-12

Nano Thermic NT-12

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Nano Thermic Ceramic + Ion Hair brush is a professional hair styling brush with a diameter of 12mm created by Olivia Garden.

This brush will work perfectly in the hair styling and modeling routine. With special openings, the air flow speeds, reducing drying time. The brush is made with the greatest attention to detail with high-quality materials.

The modern ceramic coating rapidly heats up and keeps the heat for longer. The bristles of the brush has anti static properties, so the Nano Thermic Ceramic + Ion Shaper Collection Hairbrush not frizz the hair. It is remarkably gentle for the hair and scalp.

Thanks to the technology, tourmaline and ionization hair after using the brush is uniquely gloss and not puffed up. Brush has antibacterial properties. It gives hair a healthy appearance and makes them nicely arranged.

Available in sizes 64, 54, 44, 34, 24 & 12

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